Pattern for making three different crochet snowflakes.

I was driving from Galloway to Midlothian today and for half of the way everything around me was covered in a (for us) thick layer of snow. Winter is definitely not over and there is still plenty of time to enjoy making winter crafts to decorate the house in this flowerless and colourless time.

Pattern for three crochet snowflakes

I finally managed to finish the pattern for the last 3 snowflake designs I have made so far. They are again in three different sizes, but this time the designs are a bit different – not similar snowflakes in different sizes like my last pattern. The snowflakes look really lovely hanging on a branch or hanging three (or more) on a string in the window.

I make my snowflakes with 3-ply linen yarn from a shop on Etsy. Linen has a very rustic look and it holds its shape better than most other yarns. However, the snowflakes can be made with any yarn you wish, although I would recommend not using wool as it is quite hard to make completely stiff. I would also recommend not using yarn thicker than 4-ply as the snowflakes otherwise become very big (Unless that is what you want, of course!).

The patterns are written out in UK crochet terms but the terms are translated into US terms in a chart. There are photo illustrations of the different stages of the pattern included with one of the snowflakes to make it easier to follow. There is also an explanation in how to make a board for blocking out the snowflakes and a PDF file included with a template with two six-pointed crosses/stars to help keep the snowflakes completely straight when pinning out. The pattern is available as a PDF file either from my Etsy Shop or Ravelry Store.

You can also now find the individual patterns for free on my blog:


Large Tosne Snowflake




Small Tosne Snowflake




Starburst Snowflake


There are other snowflake patterns and Christmassy patterns available for free on my blog – I hope you have fun making!

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