Pattern for Crochet Iris Wrist Warmers

I am finally getting on with my to-do list and the next thing to tick off is to make the pattern for these easy and snug wrist warmers available for others to use. Being a tall Scandinavian in Britain is not always easy clothes-wise, as it is very hard to find clothes that that are long enough – trousers, coats, shirts… you name it! For the last many winters these wrist warmers or cuffs have been an absolute mainstay in my wardrobe – I wear them every day (or the mesh ones that I made first -you can find the pattern for those ones here).

I actually see them more as sleeve extenders, as they don’t move up the hand and enclose your thumb as wrist warmers normally do. They sit snugly around your lower arm and wrist, keeping them warm but leaving your hands free so you don’t have to take them off all the time…. I think that’s perfect! They are quite decorative too – simple and stylish and the yarn keeps it’s shape and texture well. I’ve worn some of mine for years and they still look great, which shows the quality of the yarn.

I make these wrist warmers in Drops Babyalpaca silk, a 4-ply/fingering yarn from Drops in 70% alpaca and 30% silk. It is strong, soft and has a beautiful sheen. Drops writes about this yarn on their website: “The yarn fibers are untreated, which means they are only washed and not exposed to any chemical treatment prior to the dyeing. This highlights the fiber’s natural properties, while it also provides a better shape and texture quality.” I love that the fibres have not been treated with any chemicals! The yardage is approximately 167 m per 50 g and the recommended needle size 3.5 mm.

I have recently been updating all my free patterns to make them available as a PDF download rather than write them out on my blog. I hope this makes it easier for people to use – I find it much easier on other sites as the document then easily saves in iBooks or Dropbox and I can access them from my phone. You can download the pattern by clicking the link below.

Pattern for Iris wrist warmers

An acquaintance of mine tried on a pair of these a while ago and proclaimed very convincingly that they warmed her entire body because her wrists were now warm… must the combination of alpaca and silk. I only know that I wear mine every day during the winter. Have fun creating!



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