Large Retro Flower Pattern – one pattern many variations

This is a pattern that I made in the summer, but I haven’t posted it anywhere apart from in my shops, so now’s the time to share it. While it is just one pattern, it is very versatile and depending on what you want you can make flowers of three different sizes. There are also many possible colour combinations and changes, so the scope for creativity is large! I use it to make flowers to use for coasters and for my star/flower earrings. I also always had a plan to make a flower garland with flowers in different sizes and colour combinations, but never quite got to that as other projects got in the way.

 The flowers on this photo are made with organic DK cotton from Twilleys of Stamford, but I have also made them with Artesano British BFL DK wool, Patons DK cotton and others. They can be made from any yarn really. For the earrings I use Coats Aida 20, which works really well. I haven’t tried them in my favourite yarn yet though, the linen yarn that I use for snowflakes and tealight holders… wonder how that would be. I also always wanted to make them in muted colours, e.g. cream and mustard, I think that would be very nice – more stylish and not so retro!

 EDIT: This pattern has now been updated to include 4 flowers and is available in both UK and US terms. You can read more about it here.


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