Hat patterns in the making.

It’s amazing how life works… You just never know where it will twist and turn to and what new beginnings might come from something you thought wasn’t anything big. When I decided to make hats for my nieces and nephews this Christmas I thought that would be it. Then one thing led to another, I wanted a thicker hat for myself and before I knew it I was working on 3 different patterns.

As I always do I shared photos of what I was making on Instagram and Facebook and then one morning there was a message from Drops Design – the company that make the yarn that I use for all the hats – asking if I would send photos of my hats so they could share them on their social media page. I did a very long inward happy dance and am now working on the patterns every day along with making orders for hats.

I used to crochet every day, but somehow that has been sidelined for the moment as these hats just keep coming! I’m working on one pattern in Drops Andes, a chunky wool/alpaca mix that is very soft and snug. There will be three different pattern variations for that hat (at least!) and for now it will be only in one-size adult fit. This is one of the variations below – the cowl is my Chunky Herringmesh Cowl in the same yarn, you can get the free pattern for that here.

The other pattern is in a Drops Nepal, an Aran weight wool/alpaca mix yarn. The one I’m working on at the moment will be in 4 sizes: baby/toddler, child/small adult, medium/large adult and x-large adult. The sizes have been tweaked a few times and tried on various sizes of heads! For now it will be in a basic stripe pattern. Once these are made there are the at least dozen of crochet patterns I’ve been wanting to develop for ages and at least 2 more types of knitted hat…. At least I know I won’t get bored anytime soon!


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  1. That’s great! They are lovely hats, I’m not surprised Drops got in touch with you! I have a hat in Drops Andes, it’s so warm. I’ve not tried Nepal yet, must give it a go! Teresa x

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