Christmas Fair Ponderings 2015

It’s just a couple of days now till my last fair. I’ve done two weekends in a row and they have both been great – good sales and good chats with people.

 At the one this Saturday I was rather lucky – the person who was supposed to be next to me didn’t show up, so I got to spread my things a bit and could put things out I otherwise wouldn’t have had space for.

I always find it fascinating to observe people who browse and would love to do a study in what makes people buy… How does someone get from seeing something to the thought ‘I will buy this’? How is it that some people choose something to buy within 2 minutes of seeing your stall and without taking time to look at everything in detail while others spends ages looking and thinking and then walk away?

And what is it that makes people think it is ok to ask you to put things aside saying they will be back in an hour and then never return. This leaves you wondering whether or not to put things back out as they are some of the most popular things you have, but you’re not sure because what if they do come back? This happened to me at my first fair. My card machine was playing up due to a weak wifi signal and it was taking a while to serve one customer. Another customer wanted two pairs of booties and promised to be back if I put them aside – but of course never did. Luckily there were enough other customers to make it a success!


My last market is this Saturday at The Drill Hall in Leith, Edinburgh. It’s the first time I’m doing it, but I’ve heard from many other sellers that it’s usually very good, so I’ve got hope! If you’re around and want a place to find unique presents this is the place!



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