Updated crochet Baby Bootie Pattern – now includes 4 sizes

I spent most of the weekend working on updating my bootie pattern to include two more sizes. This means that the pattern now includes instructions for making booties for 0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-12 months and small/premature babies.

The photo above shows the 3 larger booties. There is not much difference in the size of the soles, but it is amazing what a centimetre can do! The sole of the booties measure as follows:

0 – 3 months: 9 x 5 cm

3 – 6 months: 10 x 5.5 cm

6 – 12 months: 12 x 6 cm

Small: 8 x 4 cm

Of course, baby feet vary a lot in size and the above are only guidelines. Some babies may outgrow the 0-3 month ones at 1 1/2 months and others they may fit for 6 months – I’ve seen a baby girl at 8 months still being able to fit the 0 -3 month booties. The beauty of being able to make your own is that you are more in control.

The booties are made with DK yarn and a 3.5 mm hook. The yarn that I have used for making my booties for sale (Twilleys Freedom Sincere Organic cotton DK) has been discontinued. I asked if there was any way of them continuing it, but because it’s organic – which I love!  – the mill has to be thoroughly cleaned before they can spin it and they said it’s not financially viable for them to continue making it. There are, however, many other DK yarns available and they would all be suitable. All yarns vary a bit in thickness and depending on your tension and the yarn you choose you may find that the size of the booties you make is a bit different. I based my measurements on the Freedom sincere yarn which has 115m per 50g.

I really enjoy making these booties. Making up new colour combinations and stripe patterns is always fun and you never quite know what the end result will look like till you get there. Before markets I at times make up to four pairs a day, but somehow I never tire of making them. Maybe it’s the colours, or maybe it’s the smile that I know they put on people’s faces when they see them as they walk by my stall.

The pattern is available to buy in my Etsy Shop or my Ravelry Store. Due to the EU vat regulations for digital sales/purchases Etsy automatically add VAT to the price I set. This is somewhat annoying as people from the UK would not have to pay VAT otherwise, but at the same time I’m grateful that Etsy sorts out thevast amounts of paperwork connected with this regulation and I’m sure I stay on the right side of the law!




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