Pattern for multi-colour crochet baby booties, age 0 – 3 months

When I first started making baby booties I always made them single colour. One day I had the idea to make them striped and started making them in stripes, with 2 colours. From there it quickly developed into the multi-colour striped booties which I now make in many different variations.

This is the pattern that I developed for booties for age 0 – 3 months. Size guidelines can always only be an estimate and based on average sizes of baby feet as they vary so much. I saw an 8 month baby girl who would easily fit this size. The sole measures 9 x 5 cm and the pattern includes instructions for making a smaller bootie measuring 8 x 4 cm which would be suitable for newborns or premature babies.

red-pink rainbow 3

The pattern is detailed and includes instructions for special stitches. There are also photos illustrating the stages of the bootie. I would say it is suitable for beginners who are familiar with basic stitches such as half-treble (US half-double), chain and slip stitch.

htr decrease 1

With this pattern you can make single colour booties and any kind of striped or two-tone bootie – you are only limited by working in rounds and not being able to make vertical stripes (at least not easily!).

EDIT: The pattern has now been updated to include 4 sizes of bootie – please see a later blogpost it here.

blue rainbow 6


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