Lace Flower Square – free crochet pattern

So the time has finally come to publicize the pattern for my new (and first!) lace flower square. It is quite exciting really to have made my first square and I am sure there will be more following in the near future. It came out of a need to make a flower square for my tealight holders that was more lacy than the one I had been using previously and I decided to rework my flower earrings and make them into a square. I am happy with the result and it really works for tealight holders.

For the tealight holders I use 3-ply linen yarn, but for the ones on the photos here I used Patons 4-ply and DK in 100% cotton. I plan to make them in wool as well – I think they would make a nice summer baby blanket.

I have recently started the process of making all my free pattern available as PDF downloads as I think this makes it easier for people to use them – the alternative is to continue to copy and paste as you had to do before. The pattern in the download is written out in UK terms using abbreviations, but there is a translation into US terms in the document. Just click the link below and you’ll be able to download it.

Lace flower square

I hope you enjoy making it and find many imaginative ways of using it. Please share photos of your projects here or on Ravelry!


5 thoughts on “Lace Flower Square – free crochet pattern

  1. Thank you for sharing your pattern. It is very pretty. I am looking forward to giving it go.

    1. Thanks Lee. I would love to see a photo of your version – if you feel like sharing a photo of it on my FB page or here it would be great!

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