Free pattern for Butterfly Garland

I am very happy to finally have finished writing out the pattern for these wee butterflies. This is the first pattern I designed back in 2014 when I was just starting out my crochet adventure and what a journey it has been! When I first started I somehow had lots of ideas involving butterflies – I imagined making very large and lacy ones to put on cushions, lampshades etc and making all sorts of variations.

Crochet rainbw butterflies

Well…. I designed two (the pattern for the larger one is available here) and kept the smaller one going, but have abandoned the larger one – certainly for sales purposes. The smaller one I still sometimes make for orders or for shops. I suppose I in some sense have moved on from designing butterflies… not that they are not lovely, but there is only so much butterfly one can have in ones life (though some would disagree, I am sure!) So my ideas no longer involve butterflies, but many and varied other things! Next up are some hexagons, knitted hat patterns, a mandala and more… the list of ideas is growing faster than I can execute them!

Rainbow butterflies - free crochet pattern

The butterflies make a lovely décor for nurseries, children’s rooms etc – or for the romantic, nature-loving adult! They are made in cotton yarn and as they are quite small don’t need blocking. The pattern is written in UK terms but there is a translation into US terms in the document. The document can be downloaded as a PDF file for free by clicking the link below.

Butterfly garland pattern

Have fun making!



2 thoughts on “Free pattern for Butterfly Garland

  1. Beautiful!!! And thank you for the pattern. I’ve almost finished the throw I’m working on and have been looking for a little something for the summer.

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