Crochet Iris Stitch Tealight Holder

These crochet Iris Stitch Tealight Holders are made with 3-ply linen yarn.The yarn is available on Etsy in many different shops and if you like experimenting with different yarns and like yarns from natural materials, I can definitely recommend getting some. It is great for all sorts of decorations as well, including snowflakes, hearts and stars.

Iris tealight holder in natural with red borders.

The instructions given here will work if you use the 3-ply yarn. If you want to use thicker yarn you can adapt the pattern by reducing the number of chains by multiples of 4 until it fits around your chosen glass (or, if you use thinner yarn, increase the chains by multiples of 4). I use glasses from the Basic range at John Lewis (only in Britain, I’m afraid). They are not too expensive and, most importantly, completely straight. Their diameter is 7.3 cm.

So, here it is:

  • 76 chains. Slip stitch in the first chain to form a ring.
  • 3 chain. [Skip 3 chain. (2 treble, 1 chain, 2 treble) in one chain.] repeat till you reach the last 3 chains. Skip 3 chains. Slip stitch in 3rd chain of first 3 chain. If you want to change colour do so at the last slip stitch.
  • Repeat the above row 13 – 14 times depending on how long you want it. Fasten off and sow in the ends.
  • Fit it on the glass, light the tealight, turn out the light and enjoy the sparkle!


Crochet iris tealight holder in 100% linen, sold with glass and tealight. Available in other colours.


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