Celebrating Baby Stripes

One of the most popular crochet products around must be baby booties… There are so many patterns around (just do a search on Etsy!) and so many crafters selling them that to a newcomer it may seem pointless or futile to even consider going into the market. 

When I first decided to try to do something serious with my crochet I had not been active online for years and had never done any social media…. It was a matter of “fools go where angels fear to tread” because if I had known just how many people develop patterns and how many people sell their stuff – and not least how many of them have been crocheting for a lot longer than me – I don’t think I ever would have started.

But I am quite seriously hooked – excuse the pun! – and now that I have started I have absolutely no intention of giving up! My first real break was when I decided to start experimenting with multi colour striped booties. I had previously made them single colour or with a different coloured sole, but once I started having fun and playing with colours it really took off. The ones above are the first multi colour ones I made and are still my favourites and the ones that catch most people’s eye.

I think my humble beginnings as a crocheter/craft maker shows that if you have a passion for something and the will and imagination to work with and develop ideas then things can happen – it just might not be the things you imagined from the beginning (I first imagined lots of butterflies in different shapes sizes and colours and turning them into different home decor products… I’ve moved on from that, but who knows whether I’ll come back!). It is also very much a matter of finding your market… Is it online, in local shop, at markets/fairs or by word of mouth… Or will one lead to the other? It is a very exciting journey, and it is always nice to see what you make put a smile on people’s faces!
You can see more bootie stripe designs in my Etsy shop where you can also find the pattern for them in 4 different sizes.

Saraphir on Etsy

Have a great day and don’t forget to follow your passion!


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